Ameba Arduino: [RTL8722CSM] [RTL8722DM] [RTL8722DM MINI] Simple RTC Alarm


  • AmebaD [RTL8722DM / RTL8722CSM / RTL8722DM MINI] x 1


This example demonstrates how to use the RTC library methods to create a RTC Alarm, so that to do some tasks when an alarm is matched. In particular, the RTC time is set at 16:00:00 and an alarm at 16:00:10. When the time matches, “Alarm Match” information will be printed on the serial monitor.

First, select the correct Ameba development board from the Arduino IDE: “Tools” -> “Board”.

Then open the ” RTCAlarm ” example from: “File” -> “Examples” -> “RTC” -> “RTCAlarm”:


In the example, the RTC time is set at 16:00:00 and an alarm is set at 16:00:10. Upon successfully upload the sample code and press the reset button. When the alarm time (10 seconds) is reached the attached interrupt function will print the following information: “Alarm Matched!” showing in this figure below.


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