Frequently Asked Questions

Use new IAR IDE, the generated ota.bin and ram_all.bin are not complete, the file size is smaller. Refer to the Patch: 4.0a_critical_patch_iar_8_11_(v01)
The following table shows the comparison: Ameba ICs
If you face the problem that J-link is not working, you can enter CRP DISABLED Mode to activate J-link. Refer to the steps below to enter CRP DISABLED Mode: 1. Keep pressing the button beside CON2 as follows 2. Press the button beside CON1 3. Release the botton that is hold on step 1 Show up a device with the name “CRP DISABLED” now release_1_1_4 release_1_1_4 You can find a file “firmware.bin” when you open it. And it is the DAP firmware that Ameba uses. release_1_1_4
Please refer to the Link
Please confirm whether the J-Link driver is successfully installed.
Please confirm that QQ communication software is installed