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RTL8722DM Mini Board

The brand new RTL8722DM Mini responds to everyone’s needs and is made smaller in appearance. The PIN design is convenient to plug into the solderless breadboard during the development stage. In terms of functions, it takes the RTL8722DM to the extreme and integrates dual-band Wi-Fi, BLE, Audio, SD card together. Let your creativity even more powerful. For more information, please refer to the Introduction.

RTL8722DM Bluetooth configuration makes your device connect to the Internet super Easy

The most annoying thing about buying a new device is how to connect it to the home network. Now start the Bluetooth configuration of RTL8722DM. With a few simple steps, you can get your device connected in a few minutes. Please refer to Example.

Ameba ARDUINO starts to support RTL8722DM

The new member of Ameba ARDUINO RTL8722DM provides abundant functions. In addition to supporting dual-band Wi-Fi to avoid the crowded 2.4G. At the same time, it supports Bluetooth 5.0, which makes your application more diverse and solves the difficulty of Wi-Fi settings. Please refer to the Getting Started

Ameba Z2 becomes one of AWS Partner Device

After the team's efforts, Ameba's new member Ameba Z2 has officially become AWS Partner Device. Welcome Amazon partners who have IoT application needs to use. Please refer to the AWS Partner Device Catalog and Getting Started.

Easily connect security and convenience with Ameba – v2.0.5

Still worrying about too many passwords? Biometrics is a common solution. Combine fingerprint recognition with Ameba to make your creative device safe and convenient. Start to do it by yourself! Example.

Audio Shield make audio application simple – v2.0.3

We introduce audio shield with Ameba to let Maker develop audio application. Based on Arduino easy-to-use feature, plug and play, and send audio to cloud by just one click. Take your first step to the smart audio! Example.


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