E-Paper - Display Text




In this example, we use the Ameba RTL8722 module to connect to a Waveshare 2.9-inch e-Paper module to display a few QR codes. The display uses the flexible substrate as base plate, with an interface and a reference system design.
The 2.9” active area contains 296 x 128 pixels and has 1-bit white/black full display capabilities. An integrated circuit contains gate buffer, source buffer, interface, timing control logic, oscillator, etc… are supplied with each panel.
You may refer to the official 2.9 inch e-Paper HAT(D) datasheet to know more information about this module. Front view of the e-Paper Module:



Download the Eink zip library, AmebaEink.zip, at https://github.com/ambiot/ambd_arduino/tree/master/Arduino_zip_libraries
Then install the AmebaEink.zip. Open the “DisplayText” example in “File” → “Examples” → “AmebaEink” → “EinkDisplayText”:


Upload the code to the board and press the reset button after uploading is done. You will find these texts displayed on the board:


Code Reference

[1] We use Good Display GDEH029A1 2.9 Inch / 296×128 Resolution / Partial Refresh Arduino Sample Code to get the e-Paper successfully Display:
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