Standard SDK: [RTL8195AM] Airkiss - Use Airkiss to Configure Wi-Fi Connection

AirKiss is a quick-connection technique provided by Weixin device platform for WiFi devices to configure netwrok connection. The WiFi devices must support AirKiss to be configured as a Weixin client. Ameba supports the latest version of AirKiss (version 2.0) with near-field discovery feature. For instance, AirKiss can be used in the following scenarios: 1. When the device is not equipped with data I/O interfaces, such as air conditioners, air purifiers, smoke detectors. 2. When the user is ignorant of IT knowledge, AirKiss provides a simple approach to configure the device.


Download APP

Weixin provides AirKiss debug tool, currently for Android only. Download and install from: 1


  • Add Airkiss patch to Ameba project 1. Using the Airkiss patch • Copy the airkiss directory to SDK path: “\component\common\application” • Use wifi_conf.c to override “component\common\api\wifi\wifi_conf.c” in SDK 2. Add Airkiss-related files to IAR project • “Add Group” under the project and name it to “Airkiss” • Add airkiss.c and libairkiss.a to “Airkiss” group. 2
  • Modify related settings and make 1. Enable Airkiss In platform_opts.h($sdk\ project\realtek_ameba1_va0_example\inc): “#define CONFIG_AIRKISS 1 //on or off tencent airkiss” 2. Click “make”, and download to Ameba.
  • Use AirKiss to configure 1. First reset Ameba by enter “ATWX” command. Then Ameba starts to listen to each channel. 3 2. Open the AirKiss Debugger on Android phone. Fill in the WiFi SSID and pass phrase, then click send. 4 3. When Ameba has gotten all required information, it will be locked to a channel and connect to WiFi 5 4. When connection is established, a “Bingo” message would appear on the phone and notifies the connection status. To support the near-field discovery feature in AirKiss 2.0, Ameba sends broadcast packets regularly. 6 7
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