Realtek worked with AWS to roll out AWS IoT ExpressLink Module

Pre-integration to streamline development process.

Unlike previous cumbersome process and massive human resource investment, Realtek worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to roll out the Ameba Z2 AWS IoT ExpressLink module, its simplified instruction set can optimize the development process and cost, and equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it allows more customers to migrate their products quickly and easily into IoT-connected devices and ready to connect to AWS cloud, significantly shortening product time to market.

Pre-configured security credentials for secure communication link

Ameba Z2 AWS IoT ExpressLink module comes with AWS security credentials, thus allow customers to complete the development without troubling with complex programming processes and encryption methods, as a result, customers can confidently access more than 200 services on AWS, to collect, store and analyze all data available.

Ameba IoT solutions have been in the market for many years, in 2022, Realtek launched its 5th generation solution, Ameba E series, as our commitment to keep providing our global customers with full-featured, high-efficiency, and competitive solutions. Now, through this cooperation with AWS, we aim to remove developer’s barriers for cloud integration, while meeting all critical security requirements with the best network quality.


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