Welcome to our AMB82 MINI YouTube live streaming event


Join us for an exciting YouTube Live Event where we’ll showcase the outstanding features of the AMB82 MINI and give away complimentary AMB82 MINI boards! Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to discover the remarkable capabilities of the AMB82 MINI and have a chance to get your own AMB82 MINI for free!

📆 Date & Time: 26 October 2023 (Thursday) 17:00 (UTC-7)

✨ Dive deep into the heart of innovation with a comprehensive overview of AMB82 MINI.
✨ Immerse yourself in a live demonstration of AMB82 MINI’s capabilities as we explore Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) streaming with VLC.
✨ Brace yourself for a showcase highlighting the impressive capabilities of AMB82 MINI in Object Detection.

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Join us for an exciting YouTube Live session and get ready to witness the revolution unfold as we introduce you to AMB82 MINI!

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